ELT Resources – A Lovey Dovey Lesson Plan for Intermediate to Upper Intermediate Students

So here we are again! Another year, another St. Valentine’s Day! We hope it’ll be sunny and warm outside and inside, too. Enjoy the chocolates and the cards or whatever you normally do on this day and in the meantime, have a look at this set of resources to use in class – a lesson for your intermediate to upper intermediate students and a little word search for beginners.

ELT Resources – Charles Dickens Discussion for Intermediate Students

Two hundred and four years ago, on the 7th of February in 1812, Charles Dickens was born in the city of Portsmouth. An unhappy child, but a voracious reader, Dickens started writing for a newspaper and went on to create some of the most memorable characters in world’s literature.

The world would certainly have been less exciting without his books, so today we invite you to play a little guessing game with your intermediate students.

ELT Resources – Babe Ruth Lesson Plan for Advanced Students

In 1895 on the 6th of February Babe Ruth sees the light of day in the city of Baltimore. He is probably the most iconic figure in baseball, highly acclaimed during his life time and after, despite his controversial personality. Raised in an orphanage, unhappy and abused as a child, Babe rose to the status of a household name through sport.

To celebrate this contemporary legend, we suggest a series of lessons for your advanced students, to practise reading and vocabulary, on the topic of sports in general and baseball in particular. You can break the every-day class routine and use the quiz for a bit of fun!

Conferinta despre utilizarea metodelor digitale in predarea limbii engleze

Libraria Okian, reprezentant oficial in Romania al grupului educational Pearson / Longman, in colaborare cu Inspectoratul Scolar al Municipiului Bucuresti, va invita la o conferinta despre utilizarea metodelor digitale / online in predarea limbii engleze la clasa. Evenimentul va avea loc joi, 4 iunie 2015, incepand cu ora 12.00, in Sala de Festivitati, etajul 1, […]